Rule Machine Logic

I'm having trouble getting one of my rules to trigger correctly. I want my shades to open when I'm done watching TV. My rule to close them works fine by triggering when the power meter reports more than 60.

I used the opposite to trigger this rule originally but then whenever the power meter reported it's state the shades would open so I couldn't have the TV off and the shades closed so I changed the trigger to a changed state and a condition for reporting less than 60.

When the power meter reports it's new state and the conditions come back TRUE the shades don't open.

Am I missing something?

What I would recommend you do is this:

Move “Power level of Left Side() is > 60.0” to the tigger event, replacing what is in there.

Add to the Actions to run:
Wait for Power level of left side < X
Close: Living Room Blinds

Where “X” is either 60 or another number that works well.

I'd suggest the above approach, but to directly answer this question: possibly. The required expression becoming true (assuming this is what you mean with "conditions") does not cause anything to happen on its own. It simply makes the rule eligible to trigger again. If the required expression was false at the time of the trigger event (really at the moment just before--notably, not as a result of any state a trigger event may have caused the expression to become after the event), the rule would not trigger.

So, depending on when you were expecting things to happen, the above could be the explanation. It looks like you have logging enabled for this rule, and that is often a helpful troubleshooting tool if you want to see what is (or isn't) happening when. "Logs" is where you'd see this and may be helpful to look at. But again, I like the idea above as a solution!

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Yep! I suspected the trigger event was happening before the required expression became true. I used the built in Basic Rules and was able to get it to work.

Thanks! I'll try that. I got it to work using the built in Basic Rules but I'd like to get back some of the complexity of Rule Machine since I'm going to be expanding what is connected in my house.


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In the actions, you have Open: Living Room Blinds, Living Room Blinds. I don't know how you got it listing the blinds twice, I can't get it to do that. So that line might be invalid, and causing the problem. Try deleting it and redoing it.

Thanks, I have two devices labeled Living Room Blinds that's all

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