Rule Machine Logging Options


I am trying to find some clear documentation that describes exactly what each of the RM logging options is supposed to log.

Events: Does it log all event of just if there is a match?
Triggers: Does this log when a match or always?
Actions: Does it only log when the action is executed? does it take into consideration the conditionals?
App Events: ?

Does anyone have any details about this options?


@bobbyD, @bcopeland
Hi Guys,

Do you have any insights on this?

Events logs events that the rule sees due to its subscriptions. So, for example, suppose you have a trigger for a temperature sensor > 50. Events will show for every temperature event for that device. It does not show events that are not relevant to the rule.

Triggers shows when the rule is triggered, and by what. So while you may have a lot of temperature events, only the ones over 50 will trigger the rule.

Actions show every action that is looked at. That means it will show failed conditional actions and show that they are being skipped.

Events are logged separately from Logs, and show up on the App Status page (gear icon) under Events. These can be useful to see past events, and are redundant to the Logs, except they are kept even if the Logs are not open or don't go back far enough in time.


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