Rule Machine Legacy triggering on its own, even after deletion

I've had this rule running for years (copied from ST days) Around the end of July the last step of the rule (fan & sound machine) started triggering on its own, and always at the same time (9:50pm)

I was too busy to look into it for a while, then last week I finally noticed the Rule Machine app was 'Legacy' and there was a new Rule Machine build. So i recreated this rule in the new app, and let it run for a few days. Same results: 9:50 fan & sound turned on. So I stopped the rule (as shown) and still the sound & fan are turning on.

Any Ideas?

Two things: Turn on Action logging in the rule, and keep a Logs tab open around 9:50. Look at the In Use By section at the bottom of the device page for one of the devices turning on unexpectedly, and see what apps are in use. One of those apps is the likely culprit.

I thought about this after the post, I should have posted the IN USE BY before.
Everything is manual controls except the Off @ 715am and On with the rule.

You could try selectively disabling those apps, on the Apps list page. Usually these turn out to be things a user has forgotten about...

I also just realized the Motion sensor that is supposed to trigger all of these events has been unresponsive for about 5 weeks also, so this rule is triggering while stopped & without the trigger event entirely.

Aparently the 915 time was 7-31 - 8-6. Now its 10:15

Here is the logs for the parent device tonight, the fan & sound machine are part of a dual outlet Zooz switch.

You haven't really shown any evidence that a rule is doing this. That's your supposition, but where's the beef? If your theory is that a non-existent rule is doing something to this device, I think you need some proof.

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Every other app is a manual control as shown. What else could it be?

its clearly something automated, its exact time to the seconds

Alexa has a "feature" that will learn an action, then repeat it, as it assumes you want to do this thing every day at that time. Not sure is Google has that same "feature".


YES That is it!!
No idea how / why google got those switches on a bedtime routine, or how its triggering a bedtime routine without me saying 'goodnight' as the routine page says.. but whatever that fixes my mystery

Glad to help. Can you mark this a solved as others may also find it useful? Thanks.

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Well. Turns out Google somehow is still turning these on despite removing them from my routines, and not existing on my wife's.

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