Rule Machine keeping references to original variables when cloning rules

When you create a rule machine 4.0 rule that uses global variables and then clone the rule and change the referenced global variables the "cog" showing the details for the rule lists both the current variables in the rules and actions and also references the original variables from the cloned rule. I cloned a rule from m my dinette to be used in another room. Here is the original rules and it's details from the "cog":

And here is the cloned rules after making the changes:

And the "cog" view of the rule:

You can see that there are variables referenced that are not leveraged in the modified rule that are still from the rule I cloned from. Can anyone else confirm they are seeing this?

When cloning a rule you will often see settings within the rule's properties page which are not actually used when the rule is executed. Is the rule executing correctly or are you seeing that it is using the old settings?

It's running fine...They always do but the more "objects" in the rule the longer it takes to load.

What do you mean "load"? In the editor? Or when the rule is executed? When the rule is executed, the code will use the settings it needs. You will not be able to perceive the extra time to load 2 extra settings when the rule fires.

Yes I have developers OCD. Doesn't effect the rule execution's at all. Load time is much improved after they fixed some of the code a few releases back for complex rules. I will wait until DB maintenance runs overnight. Maybe it will be cleaned up during that process.

You could always just create a rule from scratch.

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