Rule Machine, HSM, Mode Manager, and Ring

I've setup my ring unofficial app to work with the child settings on my Inovelli Red switches, my main rationale to use the LED to show the HSM/Ring alarm if armed (alarm away/Home, Disarmed). I need to adjust the 5:45 morning mode to turn HSM off, would rather rely on the ring alarm being disarmed. I'm sure it's a simple adjustment in my rules. Assistance/Advice Appreciated

Example Rule Machine:
Set Switch with LED Status

Ring App Successfully Logged In:

Mode Manager:

Device Setup for one (I have 2 devices):

Might be able to trigger the rule based on a custom attribute from the Ring virtual device change.

I’ve been using the switch dashboard to do this. I have a virtual switch that is turned on when the alarm is armed. Similar principle, but a lot more options.

I'll have to look at this more, i think you've mentioned this in the past.

Recently i also notice my switch LED doesn't show the 'disarmed' status in the morning. Sometimes this happens with an update. I keep thinking API/connection issue, but logging into ring hub device shows the websocket still connected. Maybe Switch Dashboard also will fix this.

It might, but it could also be a Z-Wave mesh issue. I have this occur occasionally and have a pretty good mesh. To resolve, I have a voice command that will trigger another LED color on the switch, and then revert it back (via Switch Dashboard).

Here's what i recently tried. I have the morning mode still turning the switches to green while the ring alarm is still on.

  1. Mode Manager: Setting Morning Mode with Time & with Switch

  2. Using HSM synced with Ring Virtual Hub

  3. Created a Rule Machine Rule to turn on VS

  4. Using LED Mini-Dashboard to set status on the switches

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