Rule Machine Global Variables

You may be dealing with the differences between vendors. I reworked all of APIXU's values last weekend to match what THEY say the values should be....

Anything in Green I made numbers, anything in magenta I left alone as strings.

However, that cannot force OpenWeather to also perfectly match. I already found, with Dashboard 2.0 and it's newly available Weather Tile, that it's looking for the specific spelling of "windSpeed" vs "wind_mph" (or _kph)

I have to admit to NOT looking at OpenWeather with a magnifying glass as I did with APIXu last week.

Drivers should be 'translating' specifics into higher levels or vise versa. But at this time, there's no 'high level' for weather values. In other words, there's no Driver Capability definition for Weather that would encourage "correct spelling." (whatever correct might be.:slight_smile: )


Do you know of a way to call for a GV within groovy?


They are not exposed... they are entirely Internal to RuleMachine.

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Ok, good to know, one less thing to mess around with. Since you're here, do you know why I get the cooling set point "SKIPPED" every time I want to lower both heating and cooling setpoints?

not every Thermostat is alike... skipped might mean it's in not-cooling mode, so changes to cooling does nothing. Just a wild ass guess though.

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It's idle so I suppose this is not the reason. I'd have to try on different thermostats to see how it goes but for now I'm just going to try to work around this using delays. Thanks a lot for your help!

Could you show a larger context? That (skipped) is coming from RM, and it's not clear why. It shouldn't be skipping it unless there was some conditional action involved.

Just watched the latest video, Global Variables sounds cool, I'm ashamed that I don't get it, but I guess I don't need to....yet