Rule Machine doesn't update GoControl Thermostat

I am having a problem setting my CoControl Z-wave thermosat with Rule Machine. I have a simple rule where I flip a virtual switch -> set heating and cooling -> reset the switch. flipping the switch triggers the rule, and almost immediately resets the switch, but the thermostat doesn't update.

If I use the thermostat scheduler it works almost every time, but never in Rule Machine.

Anybody have a suggestion?

I'd suggest showing a screenshot of your rule actions. I'd also recommend turning on (at least) trigger and action logging for the rule to get a better idea of what might actually be happening and looking at them to see if they offer any clues. Can't say much without knowing more other than that if your rule actions are running (and if not, you've found a problem), then it's almost always an issue with the device (or using the wrong action/command).

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