Rule Machine & Custom Bulb Color Inputs


I'm setting rules in the Rule Machine app for the first time and struggling with Custom color bulb settings.

Is there any documentation on this? (I didn't find any).

Specifically, can I see some examples of format and values what people put in these for:

" > Color value? " and " > Saturation value? "

What would I put here for ... lets say, a simple Daylight without any color.

I'd just like to see some example entries to get an idea of format & values entered.

My x-girlfriend (Wink) had a pretty intuitive interface for this and I'm a little lost without her! ha .. well worth the breakup tho.

Thank you,

You won't actually use set color. One menu up there is another type of control command called set color temperature. Use that instead of setting color.

I hear your ex-girlfriend is a real *****.

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So, the "Set color and level" > "Custom color" doesn't work?

I mean... You can if you want. But if you are trying to set "Daylight" that isn't a color. It's a color temperature. If you want to do a color using HSV you can choose a yellow through blue hue and drop the saturation to near zero. But if you don't want to go look up or test out hue values it's just easier to pick a color temperature...


Ok. I think I got it....thank you.

I had no idea that "Color value" was a Hue value ranging from 0-360 and that Temperature was measured in Kelvins (K) with values ranging from 1000 to 10000.

Guess I need to study up on Light.


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So, I should mention one little hitch. Depending on your bulb and driver your hue values actually might only go from 0 to 100 instead of 0 to 360. This is super annoying to me. SmartThings, the hub that a lot of Hubitat is modeled on, used 0 to 100 (incorrectly in my opinion) and HE adopted that because of the driver structure.

So, apps like Groups and Scenes actually enforces a 0 to 100 value for hue. You better hope the driver you have has a 0 to 100 setHue function. Almost all do.

So, take your 0 to 360 graphic and scale 0 to 360 across just 0 to 100 and you'll have the values you probably need to use.

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Thanks for the clarification. I saw things weren't matching up and a cuss word or two passed from left ear to right. :flushed:

Thank you Sir.

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Have you seen a visual representation of the 0-100 Hue scale floating around anywhere?

This is my purely subjective scale based on what I was seeing from an old Osram Lightify bulb. May get you in the ballpark.
color wheel


Exactly what the Dr ordered... thank you.

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