Rule machine controlling humidity

Am just starting to use rule machine and have now encountered my first problem. I am using a humidity sensor to control a switch that is running a dumb dehumidifier. I wish the rule to run on certain days of the week, between certain times , and within certain humidity settings.
Has anyone got a rule for this I can copy or modify TIA

There is a user app called Bathroom Humidity Fan that does what you need. Just use it to turn on your dehumidifier.


Depending on the details, you might be able to use basic rules for this, which is simpler to setup than a rule machine automation.

Here’s an example basic rule I just created.

Note that I added one thing to what you mentioned. The switch will turn off after an hour (even if lower humidity threshold hasn’t been reached). That was just to demonstrate it’s possible.

Thanks will give it a go

thanks will give it a go

what dump dehumidifier .. i was unable to find any that retained the humiity settings when power was cut and restored.. that is why i basically had to get a smarter one that i leave on all summer with a 60% setting in the empty house with a hose draining into the furnace pump.. i did have to raise it up on a chair to get proper drainage for the long haul even though it has a hose on the rear.

I purchased this one a couple of years ago and it saves the settings when the power is off. I have a whole rule set and smart plug that controls everything and it works perfect for my needs.

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Which dehumidifier did you get?

I got a dimplex DXDH10N 10L

Thank you for that, tried it out and for me I had to make one little tweak as when I started with a humidity reading it would not turn on the humidifier switch.

Here's one I use. It also checks to see if the temp is above 32 degrees because I have one of those dehumidifiers that has a bilge pump in the tank and pumps outside - unless it's freezing and then it doesn't. I also check for the status of a leak sensor below the humidifier. These are pretty old rules and could probably be cleaned up with the new features of RM5 but here ya go. And yes, I do have a room called the "dungeon" and no nothing untoward happens down there. It's just cold and damp :slight_smile:

Ok this not even close to simple but maybe there is some functionality you might be interested in.

I'm using 4 separate rules to control the dehumidifier in my crawl space.
The dehumidifier is cranked right up so it will not shut off and then use a smart outlet to turn the dehumidifier on and off.
With these rules the dehumidifier only runs during Off peak hydro periods.
The dehumidifier will run for 2 hours then off for 30 minutes.
If the floor is wet then the on/off humidity values are higher than when the floor is dry.
If interested I can post the rules.

Looks like you put something together in basic rules that meets your needs.

You should be able to trigger the rule based on a humidity change thiugh, so if you’d like to troubleshoot, let us know.

Thank you, got it working as written in your rule, seems I was not patient enough. The rule started once the humidity sensor reported a humidity change, I lowered it to report every half degree change and it soon started.
Thank you for your help

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