Rule Machine: Conditions are AND or OR logic?

I was creating a rule with two conditions. I expected both of them to met before the action would execute, but only one was true at the time of execution. This leads me to believe the condition logic is OR based. Is this true? Is there some other way to change it?

Can you post a screenshot of what you have?

The short answer is yes, they are OR. There are some other lengthy threads exploring the various views on this and the reasons why, which I can dig out if you are interested.

The most likely way to achieve what you want is to use conditions in your actions. If you have an example of where it is causing you issues post some details and it may make it easier to explain.


Do you mean triggers (events that start a rule) or conditions (states that regulate triggers)?

Hubitat is EVENT driven, so all triggers are OR.

However, conditions in RM can be either OR or AND.


You can try Event Engine (a community app) which does allow AND based triggers.

Alternatively use an ifthen conditional as your first action statement to check if both triggers are active when either one has triggered the routine.

I see many people post their rules in a code format. How can I do that?

It is now possible to export RM rules as JSON files and post them. Since then, there have been a few examples of people posting exported JSON that can be imported into RM to create a new rule.

However, the vast majority of posted rules are just screenshots or a text representation of a screen shot. These can be used to recreate a rule in another instance of RM, but cannot be directly imported into RM. The example linked to above had both screenshots of the rule and the exported rules as JSON to import into RM.

Hope this helps!


I got it figured out, and remembered how I had it setup in ST. I had to create a VS and 4 rules, and leave the switch in manual mode.

Rule 1: Motion is activated, turn on switch
Rule 2: Motion is inactive for 3 mins, and VS is off, turn off switch
Rule 3: Physical On, turn on VS
Rule 4: Physical Off, turn off VS

This sucked in ST because the virtual trip of the motion sensor was slow being run in the cloud, run locally it’s nice and fast, and operates the way I want it to.

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