Rule Machine Button Press Not Available in Conditional Actions?

Hi Everyone

I was trying to create a rule based on a button press in Rule Machine earlier.

I am able to set the button device and the relevant button as a Tigger Event but when I come to create a conditional action so I can base the action on a button press it is not possible to pick this from the list.

Is this a deliberate decision to exclude this or do I need to achieve this from another way within Rule Machine that I am not aware of?

I appreciate their may be other ways of doing this via other apps but I was wanting to do this all within Rule Machine?



Isn't a button press more of an instantaneous thing? It would not really be a condition as it would need to be true and at the same moment whatever the trigger is for the rule would also need to be true. Explain more about what you are trying to do here.

Look at %text% it will tell you what button was pressed then you can base your conditional off of that. Or %value% or %device%

I was thinking about a doorbell (either my google one or a remote battery powered button) that when pressed would play a message, but it would only play in a room that had motion in it within a recent time period or it would repeat until a 2nd button was pressed to acknowledge it.

Thanks - could you elaborate a little more? I'm a bit of a newbie....

That I'd do with IF statements in the actions area:

If motion in room1 then play message in room1
If motion in room2 then play message in room2

Something like that.

Look at screenshot below. I am using a virtual button as a trigger. I triggered the rule by pressing button 1 of the virtual device. Set those values to a local or hub variable and base you conditions off of those.

%device% - The device that triggered the rule
%value% = the button I pressed.
%text% is self explanatory.

Thanks everyone!