Rule machine bug: Typo hides "convert to rule" button

In rule machine I noticed on a rule there is a "convert to triggered rule" button, but on a trigger there is no "convert to rule" button. I also noticed when I click the gear icon while editing a trigger there is an entry in the settings table as follows:

convertToTule button

I'm guessing that is supposed to be "convertToRule" and might be why such a button isn't showing up?

That's because triggerand rules are completely different. Triggers only have actions. Rules have true and false. The convert to triggered rule adds the trigger to a rule. If you wanted to add a rule to a trigger you'd have to start over again because how would RM know if the action already specified would be for True or False.

Converting a Trigger to a Triggered Rule adds a rule to a trigger and keeps the trigger as-is. It also moves the actions to the True section.

Yes...he was asking to turn a trigger into a rule not a triggered rule. I don't think this is a bug but is intentional.

Yep I got that, I was referring to your explanation:

This is exactly what "Convert to Triggered Rule" does, you don't need to start over, and it does move the actions to the True section.

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Stop picking at those knits, you'll make them bleed. What i meant was how would you convert a trigger to a rule? It wouldn't work. Converting to a triggered rule does but not directly to a rule. Would you agree with that?

I'm not picking, I'm saying the way you had it worded was wrong (whether you intended something else I don't know) and I'm clarifying and providing an example. I agree that triggers and rules are different and you can't convert one to another, but that's not what your original post said. It was also wrong about not being able to move an action to True or False.

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Thank you for eventually answering my question. A simple Yes would have sufficed.

Now that I think about it, triggers and rules are conceptually different but IMO you probably could convert a trigger, or multiple triggers, to conditions. User would likely still have to define the rule. This is @bravenel territory though, so I don't want to answer yes or no on his behalf.

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It's not a supported feature. As has been pointed out in the thread above, you can convert to a Triggered Rule. You can't convert to a Rule. There are a number of trigger events that are not possible as conditions for a rule because they have no state. For example, pushing a button. A button has no state, it just generates an event. Conditions all have the property of having a state that can be examined at any time. For this reason, a trigger cannot be converted to a rule, because what would happen to these events that can't be conditions?

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Thanks, I finally understand what a triggered rule is. Iā€™m liking Hubitat more and more.

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