Rule Machine and Rule Machine Legacy

What is the difference between these two Apps? Which is the better one to use. I now have four different Apps for making rules and it's getting kind of cumbersome... wish I could have them all in one place.

Our platform continues to evolve and improve. This means that sometimes, in order to support new and better features, it is necessary to bring out new versions of built-in apps. The reason for this is that certain changes cannot be made to an existing app without creating problems of backwards compatibility. What is now Rule Machine Legacy served its role for four years. But moving forward required a new version, now called Rule Machine.

All of your older rules that you can see under Rule Machine Legacy still work, and will go on working for you. This is the original functionality that we strive to protect and to continue to support as Rule Machine continues to evolve. New rules will be created under Rule Machine, and will benefit from the new features. This is our way to preserve what you have while moving forward at the same time.

We feel it is better to move the platform forward than to keep the rules 'all in one place'.


I understand the evolution. Just wish the app naming convention would maintain some form of continuity over time to enable immediately meaningful problem research. For instance, RM1, RM2, RM3.

Things change over time.

The naming convention has remained constant. The progression has been this: Rule, Rule-2.5, Rule-3.0, Rule-4.0, Rule-4.1, Rule-5.0, Rule-5.1. The ones called Rule through Rule-4.1 are now under Rule Machine Legacy. Rule-5.x is under Rule Machine. There shouldn't be two apps named Rule Machine. I'm missing what research problem is thwarted by this.

Thanks Bruce.

You just explained the problem. Prior knowledge of the progression is required when searching this forum for articles about search term 'Rule Machine.' And, user knowledge/currency will always be variable.

For instance, my system is fairly stable :crossed_fingers: and I only make small periodic changes lately. When I notice an operational issue, I dive back in and figure it out. And, thus far, I have seen no need for the new new RM app so I don't use it and have no reason to know about it. I'm thinking like a librarian. (Normally), the names of published books don't change. But, in the event that a newer book is published with the same name, a new piece of data (the publishing date) is required to find the older book.

My point is, the complexity of knowing two pieces of data to search this forum (and maybe get confused) could have been avoided by using a sequential numbering scheme that prima facia completely describes the app. And now, when anyone searches on 'Rule Machine', the may/will wonder if this article applies to their version. (You didn't go back in the forum and change all the old references to 'Rule Machine to 'Rule Machine Legacy' did you?)

This is not a big deal to me but it seems obvious and you asked.

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