Rule Machine 5 and setLEDstatus

I have a FC200 which has the ability to set the color of its LED lights. When I go to create a rule in RM5, I do not see the Custom Command or option to set the LED color (in RM4 it was setLEDstatus). Does setLEDstatus exist in RM5?

Does the driver have a setLEDstatus command? If so, it should show up under Custom Command for that device.

It does under RM4 but I don't see the Custom Command in the drop down with RM5

I don't know what FC200 is, but pick any attribute that it supports from that pull down, then select the device itself. That should present all of its commands.


Oh Duh! I was clicking on Create Conditions instead of Select Action (wiping egg from my face) :slight_smile:

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