Rule Machine 5.1 - no actuator on siren device

I'm migrating an old Rule Machine app to 5.1 and have discovered that RM5.1 is thinking my (Tuya) siren device doesn't have an actuator like the RM4 rule does.
Here's what I was trying to do:
[run custom action-> actuator -> Siren device] setAlarmLength(12) on Siren: Gate
[run custom action-> actuator -> Siren device] setAlarmType(15) on Siren: Gate

but the pick actuator list, doesn't list my Siren device and there's other way/function to set the device functions I need to do as listed here. The "controlsiren" functions only do activate the siren and/or strobe.

For that matter, there's no Siren device option in the "run custom action" list either.

What driver are you using for this device? (And specifically, do you have a link you can share to it?) Is it possible it just doesn't implement capability "Actuator"? That seems like the most likely explanation to me. Perhaps another capability the driver does have will work.

I just tested with Rule 5.1 on platform, and devices I expect showed up when I selected "Actuator" as the capability for a custom command. (Note that this won't list every device, though conventionally it should contain any that have commands you can run, depending on what the author did.)


I checked the source of the driver and it does appear to not have "actuator" in the definition (which is odd, how does it work in RM4 then?). So I did a one-line modification, adding the actuator capability and RM5 now shows the siren in the list.

also, my other siren, an Aeotec doesn't show up either.

I am using the Oh-la-la Tuya siren driver:

and the Aeotec siren is using "Aeotec Siren 6 New" driver.

It's likely you used a different capability in Rule 4.1; it won't show unless it's there. You don't need to add it to the driver, though that certainly works; you could just choose one of the other capabilities the driver does use.

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