Rule Machine 5.1 Compare 2 custom attributes from weather station

I have my ambient weather station linked to hubitat and am now trying to create a rule in rule machine 5.1 that compares temperature and dewpoint values from the weather station using custom attribute and then turns a fan on or off. I looked at using variables but don't see how to set them to anything other than static values.

Is it possible to compare 2 custom attribute values in rule machine?

Thanks in Advance

You can set a variable to a device attribute. And you can compare a device attribute to a variable. So you'd put one attribute value in a variable, and then compare the other one to it. This would be a condition, and could be used in Conditional actions.

Look for Custom Attribute as a capability for a Condition, and Device Attribute for setting a variable.

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Ok, I've searched a wrestled with this concept to no avail. Can someone step me through creating a variable, setting it to a device value and then using it in a rule in rule machine? I've tried creating both local and global variables but only see where to set them to a fixed starting value

I want to compare 2 values coming from my weather station.

Thanks in advance

mrjaffe, I was wondering what weather station you were able to connect to the hub? I want to use the wind speed of my station to raise the outdoor sunscreens somehow.

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