Rule machine 5.0 cancel delayed action problem

friends. help me. there is a rule. it monitors the consumption of the washing machine. if the consumption falls below 3 watts, it turns off with a delay of 5 minutes. if during this period the consumption again rises above 3 watts, the shutdown must be canceled. Then again the observation of consumption. so there is no cancellation. why?

pay attention to the timings in the log

You must select Cancelable on the delay for Cancel Delayed Actions to actually cancel the delay.

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I did it. I have to get better, I thought I did it. but even in the photo of the rule it is clear that this is not included - it is his own fault. thanks

Are you on latest release? There was a bug with Cancelable in earlier release that was fixed. Your rule doesn't show "(Cancelable)", nor do the logs.

yes, I noticed that too after your comment. I do not understand how I could allow this to happen. thanks for pointing.

If you'd like to see an example of a much simpler rule for know if a laundry cycle is complete, take a look at the following rule. I have been using this design for months and it has worked flawlessly. Credit goes to @bertabcd1234 for the incredibly simple design.

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