Rule Machine 4 - Episode 1: Simple Conditional Rules - Instructional Video

The most requested "how to" video is now available on Hubitat's YouTube channel: Rule Machine 4.0 - Episode 1: Simple Conditional Rules.


I have to say I really like these videos. The live format is good but more confusing then anything. These videos you can tell are thought out and a lot of prep work goes into them. I have learned more about Hubitat in these videos then all the live vids combined. Anyway just wanted to say great job!

I agree. This one really got me "over the hump" of understanding RM 4. I watched it yesterday and immediately started converting rules (successfully) from RM 2.5 to RM 4.

I second the "Nice job"!

Nice job on the video.

Great video! Please keep them coming as I am still learning RM 4.0.