Rule Machine (4.1) Rule not firing last night

I had a Rule Machine (4.1) rule not fire last night.

The way this is setup, when the house alarm is set, Rule #1 sets the mode to "Sleep" and sends a message over my Sonos speaker:

Rule #2 activates when the mode changes to Sleep and turns a bunch of stuff off:

  • The "Z-Wave: " items here are groups using the "Groups and Scenes" app...with metering set to 75 ms of delay...approximately 5 or so devices per group.

Rule #1 fired (I heard the message over the Sonos speaker), but Rule #2 did not (many lights were left on in the house).

The rule has worked fine since I created it, but did not fire. When I hit "Run Actions" for the rule, it runs just fine.

How can I figure out what is going on here?


I did verify that the system was in "Home" mode prior to setting the alarm, and that the house was in "Sleep" mode after setting the alarm. Here is the rule that does this:

I don't see any reason that this should fail, but if you turn on (at least) trigger logging for this rule (your "rule #2"), you'll at least see whether it thinks it should have run the actions. That would rule out a trigger problem vs. just a problem running the actions (and "actions" logging would rule out a problem with RM simply not running the actions versus the devices just not responding as expected or whatnot, so that could be useful too).

If the rule consistently doesn't trigger or if you're curious to check anyway: hit the "App Status" (gear icon) icon on the upper right of that rule page. Scroll down to "Subscriptions" and see if you see something for mode ("location" will be the "device"). Hitting "Done" or "Update Rule" on the rule page should re-add that if it got lost or never set somehow, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to try this anyway.

Also, that last rule shouldn't be problematic here, but it's written a bit oddly: the first line appears to be a conditional that checks for the exact thing that triggers the rule, and (EDIT: nevermind, I see they are actually slightly different....)

Hey - thanks for the feedback. I checked and the 2nd rule is subscribed to the "mode" event for the hub.

The last rule is written odd - I agree. I had to do it this way because:

  • The device for this is a Zooz Zen16 device
  • The "inputs" come from my security system
    • One input is for security system in "Away" mode
    • One input is for security system in "Stay" mode
  • Either of these inputs changing to OFF "could" indicate that the security system is disarmed
    • That's the trigger event logic
  • In order for the hub to know that the security system is disarmed, BOTH the "Stay" and "Away" inputs have to be OFF
    • This is the Actions for the rule

I haven't had any issues with this rule. Every time the security system is disarmed, I hear the message on the SONOS speakers.

Last night was the only time so far that this rule did not trigger. I will turn on a few lights before I arm the security system tonight.