Rule Machine 4.0, Edit Trigger

I need to add a new Trigger to a rule that turns the backyard light on.

Initially My 4.0 Rule said when the Backdoor Sensor is Open, Turn On the Backyard lights.

I want to update the rule to: When the Backdoor Sensor is OPEN AND the Lux is LESS THAN 22 then turn the light on.

I have to be missing something really stupid, but where can I find, or what should I click on to "Edit a Trigger" and add the Lux condition?

Second question;
I gave up trying to find an EDIT button for Triggers, so I deleted the rule and started from scratch.
But, when I add the Second Trigger it is always an OR and not an AND condition.
Can an AND only be performed if I use an IF/Then?

Also, last time I checked in Rule Maker 4.0, I had an 'Exception' button. I thought would add the Lux value as an 'Exception'. But, neither Exception or Restriction buttons are available. Where did they go?

Thanks for your time read this post.

It would be nice to see your existing rule but I would do it like this.
Contact sensor changes.
In actions I would use a conditional actions and select IF-THEN.

Contact open.
Lux below 22.
Turn on light.
Cancel delay.
I would then use a conditional action ELSE.

Turn off light. Delay 1 minute. Cancel.

Unless you want the light to turn off immediately then I would forget the delay and cancel.

Thanks Bobby!!
Sorry to be so stupid, but where can I access the IF THEN condition? I must be blind, but it does not show under Triggers.


As said above.
This is the next option after you have defined your triggers.
When you click on actions a drop down appears.
When you click on the drop down the top one is "conditional actions".
Click on it and another drop down appears.
From here you can select IF-THEN.
All subsequent times when you click on "conditional actions" you will see options like

You'll get there. :wink:

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Thanks for Your Patience.

I just found both the Trigger Sensor Changes and the IF/THEN under Conditional action.

Truly, your help is much Appreciated!

Have you cracked it?

This thread gives some examples at the beginning of the thread.
Have a read it should get you going.

Yup, With a little clicking around and the direction you pointed me towards, I got it running both ways;
Lights On with door open at Dark, and
Lights Off, if they are On with Door Closed.


Excellent. Glad you got there.

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