Rule Machine 2 Conditions Issue

Hi Everyone,

I am having an issue where if i set the time to turn on sprinklers as a condition the rule works fine but if i then set days of the week as well it stops working.

I can see that both conditions are true but the sprinklers never turn on.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Could you post a screen shot of your rule please?

I will investigate this. As a work-around, use Days of Week as a Restriction instead of a condition.

Screen shot below:

I believe you need to define the rule with both conditions.

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Missing the rule. Needs to look like this.


Ok cool,

Thanks for the help, will give it ago

How about:

The Select Conditions row is where you select the tools for the task: "This project requires a hammer, Spackle, a Philips screwdriver, and some Tape."

The Define Rule row is where you assemble/do the project. It's where you put the pieces together using AND OR.

I have setup with the rules as well but still no luck:

With all showing as True still no sprinklers are turning on

When you hit Done, it's going to give that command, on2() to Back Lawn. Open the Device page for Back Lawn: does it show that command? If you click on it, does it turn on the sprinklers?

Yep, those commands work no problem at all and as soon as i just specify just the time without the days of the week it works no problem at all

There is a bug with this. I can reproduce it failing.

Fix will be in the next release.

You can get around this bug by making the Days of Week into a Restriction instead of a Condition. That's actually a better way to do it anyway. Then your rule would only have the single condition of Time of Day, that you know to work. The Restriction would only let it run on Monday and Friday.