Rule Logging


Hey all, I've set each of my rules to not log:

But I still see these logs:

Is that as designed?


Did you turn off debug logging and descriptionText logging in the Master Bedroom humidity device itself?


The logging option in RM changes whether or not the individual condition evaluations show in the logs, but doesn't keep subscribed device events from showing.


Yes, all logging toggles for devices or rules involved are set to false/off.


So turning logging off:

  • Will hide when the rule conditions change from true/false
  • Will hide when the rule itself changes from true/false
    *Will not hide when factors in the rule are updated (even of those factors are devices set not to log)

Is that accurate?

  • Individual condition truth log entries are on with logging enabled, and off with logging disabled
  • Events from subscribed devices show regardless of logging selecting
  • Rule truth evaluations show regardless of logging selection

So the only thing this slider affects is whether or not the individual condition truths are shown when the rule is evaluated.