Rule Issue - Again

Greetings Again,

I have a C-7 running and the time is correct on the Hub..

So since the last update, best I can tell, I have a rule that is suppose to dim the driveway lights, turn off the front porch and landscape lights all at 11:30 PM every night. But the lights are on when I get up in the morning. (I should note that I turn them all off in the morning so they are not on all day)

I have a separate rule that is suppose to turn off the driveway lights at 6:25 AM and its not working either.

If I am reading the logs below right, it appears the rule is turning the lights off, but then something else it turning them back on???

If I am right, how the heck do I figure out what is turning the lights back on? I am at a loss..

Thank you for any advice...

Here is the Used In section from the landscape light switch:

Here is the Used In section on the porch light switch:

Here is the rule:

Here is the App log:

Here is the landscape light switch log:

Here is the Front Porch light switch:

Do you have Alexa devices. If so make sure Alexa hunches are not enabled, as that can turn things on and off unexpectedly.

I would look at the Christmas rule as both devices are used in that rule, as well as the outdoor light group. Make sure something is not turning on that group.

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@terminal3 thanks

I verified that hunches are not being used..

Here is the Christmas rule... damn it may the culprit though this rule has not changed and this issue only started within the week and the only change was the software update on the hub.. On this rule I was using the illumanice so it would turn on once the sun actually set.. Could it be doing the opposite in the morning?

As a band-aid test, for the Christmas rule, maybe try putting a Required Expression of Time after 3:00 pm (or whatever value will help limit activation until around sunset only)?

You could even set a late afternoon time as the Trigger and then use a Wait for Event/Expression of Illuminance <= 150 in the rule -- that would limit the Christmas rule to running only once a day.

I've found I need to thoughtfully insulate triggers related to outdoor-illuminance changes (since they can happen haphazardly depending on weather conditions), and I don't want related rules re-triggering unpredictably or unnecessarily every time the lux value pops in.

ETA -- Thinking about it more... In the Christmas rule, why not just set the trigger as Sunset (or around then) and leave illuminance totally out of it? KISS it as much as possible :wink:

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Your trigger in the Christmas rule is Illuminance <= 150, so every time the weather station reports an illuminance of < 150 the rule is triggered. So at 149 it would trigger then again at 145, 144, etc.

I assume mode is not Holiday so after triggering the rule, the ELSE statement is ran which turns on the lights.

It looks like you have logging on for that rule, so check your logs and see what it's doing.

Edit: I would make Mode = Holiday a required expression then the rule would only trigger when in that mode. You also need to look at your main trigger as it will be trigger constantly after sunset


The rule turns on the lights regardless of holiday mode and sets them in the evening. I wouldn't move the Mode = Holiday to a required expression unless a second rule was created to define the lights at all other modes.

@wfusco, you need to change your Trigger that turns on the lights in the evening. The suggestion of using Sunset (or Sunset with an Offset) as an approximation of luminance is a good one. If you wanted to use Lux, then I would add a required expression of time between 3-10pm (as an example). This way, the lights can only be turned on between those two times if your weather station reports equal to or below 150.

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Oh I see, the rule is not just for the Holiday so yeah you would not want to set the mode as a required expression.

It does make sense that this rule would turn on the lights around 06:30. That is probably when the sun starts to come up. During the night the Illuminance is sitting at 0, but then as the sun starts to rise the Lux value starts to increase, but still below your trigger threshold, so every time you have an increase up until it hits 150 it will turn on the lights.

@terminal3 It was that lightbulb moment for me..