Rule help: pausing, cancelling, and general conditions

Here is my rule:

This rule seems to work well, although I have a query as to why my lights did not turn off this morning.

The lights were turned on via this rule at before 8am through motion and low light outside.

At 8:22 AM the rule went false (due illuminance >1000). Delay off by 10 mins, so was scheduled to turn off at 8:32:23 AM.

However, at 8:32:16 AM, this rule was paused by another rule (my garage door opened when I went out to play squash, and this rule was paused, to turn my lights RED to indicate garage door open).

When the garage door shut, this rule RESUMED at 8:33:57, which is after the scheduled turn off. The lights did not turn OFF.

I presume the lights failed to turn off because at the scheduled time of 8:22:23 + 10 mins the rule was paused. Is that a correct assumption?

And if that is the case, does pause and resume not work with delayed off? My question is what does pausing a rule actually achieve when it comes to delayed off?


In the other rule that unpauses this one, you can tell it to evaluate this rule. That should reschedule the off if it was canceled. I'm not sure if pausing cancels schedules but that would be a potential workaround.

RM is amazingly powerful, but is a huge learning curve. I've added it in to the other rule.

Question: does running a rule act as a trigger event for that rule?

Yes it does. I'm not sure technically if it's equivalent, but in my mind it's the same as going into the rule and hitting Done. Forces an evaluation even though the subscribed events haven't occurred.

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