Rule has decided not to work anymore

My Basement lights rule has been working with no issues and all of a sudden today it isn't working. Even though the motion sensor at the top of the stairs is active the rule isn't firing. These are hue bulbs. They turn on when we ask Alexa to turn them on.

Can you control the lights via the HE device page?

You need to show more logs, such as the log for the rule, or its app events from app status page.

Here is the App Event Status. I paused it and resumed it to try to get it started again. It hasn't fired since yesterday at 7:41 pm.

Sorry about this. :wink:
Have you given it a severe talking to?
It's not all about him you know!

Well yes I did @bobbles! And I rebooted the hub and it seems to be working again. The hub wasn't locked up but I did notice that my upstairs TV was on which means that there was a power outage at some point in the day. Would that cause issues with zwave and zigbee devices?

Weirdly we had an outage yesterday for about an hour.
All my zwave stuff can back OK but a couple of zigbee devices did not.
The only thing I can think of is that after around 20 minutes I believe zigbee devices go into 'panic' mode if they have no contact with their hub.
When contact comes back I believe the zigbee routing tables will then be rebuilt.
This may then cause issues with some zigbee issues.
I'm not sure if this is all true but it's my take on it anyway.
Maybe somebody else can clarify.
BTW. I'm glad your rule responded to a good talking to. :slight_smile: