Rule for when SmartThings Cloud goes offline

Right now I have SmartThings controlling some Alexa Routines.

If the SmartThings cloud goes offline I want to have Hubitat take over controlling the Alexa Routines.

Does anyone know of a Trigger Event in the Rule Machine that would indicate the SmartThings cloud went offline?
I'm using HubConnect for SmartThings and Hubitat to talk to eachother.

I'm using SmartThings to control the Alexa routines as the first option because they activate faster than when Hubitat controls them.


If you're able to find out the IP of SmartThings, you could use [RELEASE] Web Pinger to monitor it

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Thanks for the reply.
I thought about that but did some reading online and apparently SmartThings uses Amazon servers and the IP address can change. (At least according to what I read).
Was hoping I could somehow do it by "watching" the status of my SmartThings hub.