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Dear All,
I am trying to translate my WebCore rule for automatic watering into RM.
It is not a complex rule, it has some conditions about outdoor temperature and day of week, so that during summer time, with higher temperatures, the watering occurs every day, while in the winter only once or never if we are close to 0°C.
The part I am struggling with is the preconditions:
I need the temperature sensor online (fine!)
I need the current temperature above 6°C (fine!)
I want that the temperature in the last 5 hours was > than 5°C, to avoid the risk to have ice in the capillary pipe. I am not able to reproduce this rule in RM, while with WebCore it was very simple to setup.
Can someone help with this?
Thank you

I appreciate you want to use the inbuilt RM as opposed to WC but if you are struggling, then why bother.
I converted the vast majority of all my pistons but still have 5 that do not convert easily so I have left them on WC. The ones left are all similar to yours in that they want a was > than or < than for a period of time.
I just gave up and just left them.
Probably not the answer you want but..........
I'll be interested to see if others chip but like I say, I could find no easy way as you can in WC. :man_shrugging:

Hi, thank you for your answer.
Two main reasons:
I am afraid that the support for a non built-in solution may at some point terminate.
And, I noticed that WC is somehow less reliable in HE than it was in ST for me.
As many here, I come from a previous experience with ST, and one main reason for switching was to establish a long term solution. In line with that I would like to be not dependent from third party platforms/solutions. Additionally, if possible, I would remove WC, to keep my hub as clean as possible, as I also read of problems related with WC that impacted the entire system reliability.
I was very happy with ST, but I saw issues coming with major changes in their platform that they are introducing, so instead of waiting for issues, I anticipated the switch.
Unfortunately this also means that I have to reformat my mind set on this new system, that some times is less intuitive than ST.

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While appreciate your concern about this, @nh.schottfam has taken up the baton with WC and as of now, I don't see him stopping his support for it.

Totally agree with this too. That's why, where possible, I've gone completely across to 'in-built' apps and drivers as we know they will be fully supported should issues arise.

This used to be the case but I've not seen any issues caused by WC for quite some time, mainly thanks to the guy mentioned above.

Quite a learning curve isn't it. :wink:
I'm generally very happy with HE and RM but it is just these 5 pistons that I cannot cleanly move across to RM.
I do keep revisiting them but have given up now.

I have tried using boolean variables going true and false being set in different rules for various timers and using these within rules but it just seems to get over complicated and I end up falling down a rabbit hole. :rabbit:

How about a second rule that monitors temp.
Set a Hub Boolean that goes true when ever temp falls below 5.

Once the temp falls below 5 use a wait for expression for it to go above 5 with a duration of 5 hours.

Once it does set the Boolean back false.
Use Boolean in your first rule as a required expression(predicate.)

I've tried this approach but just cannot get it to work as I want.
I've give up now and left the automations on WC. Works great.
It sure would be nice to have a "Has been closed/open for x secs/minutes/hours" for example, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to integrate this into RM.

That's what a duration does.

The rule below should set the Boolean true whenever it is below the set temp and then set it false after the temp has been above the upper level for 5 hours. That being said, I agree that if it works in webcore no real need to change it. I have done this as well, moved most of my rules to RM. I, like both of you, also have a few that were just easier to implement in webcore, so I left them alone.


And here I just have WC turning on a pump for 30 seconds a day and play a thunder sound on sonos
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Thanks a lot!
I feel better in knowing that the solution was not that easy nor trivial.
I may follow your suggestion to leave it in WC for now, unless somebody else would come up with a simple solution or an update in RM (maybe).

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Can you share your webCoRE piston? (The "anonymized" version should be fine.) That would probably make it easier for someone to help you convert it to Rule Machine if you are still interested.

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