Rule for Garage Door - Not Working Correctly

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to create a rule that closes the garage door after being open for 5 min. However, it also warns you at the 4-minute mark that you have one minute left before the garage door closes. Finally, if a virtual switch is triggered it will not close the garage door.

It works partially. It always closes the garage door even if the virtual switch "Garage Routine" is triggered.

I tried to attach the rule, but it states that I cannot upload the image to a new topic.

@bobbyd Can you give @user2898 the ability to upload an image?

In the mean time here's a little RM snippet that does something similar. Gives users 60 seconds to halt a reboot by flipping a virtual switch via Alexa. Maybe it will be helpful until you can upload your rule.

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I sure can, but any user joining the hub owners ' group gets unrestricted access to upload images and send private messages.


Ah! Thank you for letting me know. I will direct users to self-help from now on.


I will type the Rule since I cannot upload images. It works except for when I turn off Garage Routine it still closes the Garage Door.

Selected Trigger Events
Garage Door Sensor Contact changed

On: Garage Routine
If (Garage Door Sensor contact open (F) [FALSE]) THEN
Delay 0:04:00
On: Garage Light (Notification 1)
Speak on Garage speaker: 'Garage door will close in one minute'
Delay 0:01:00
Close: Garage Door Z
IF (Garage Routine(on) is off(F) [FALSE]) THEN
Open: Garage Door Z

I think you need the virtual switch in the first conditional statement.
IF(garage door open AND auto close enabled) THEN
Close garage door after 5 mins

no need for ELSE

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Thank you. That worked.

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