Rule for Garage Door Left Open

I'm brand new to HE and Rule Machine.

How do I make a rule that turns on a light and sends a message to my phone if my Garage Door is left open for 15 minutes?

This is how I do something very similar. I just don't turn on a light. I only send a push notification to my phone and announce the issue on my Amazon Echo.


What do I need to install to get Echo/Alexa to speak a message?

Thank you very much!

This what I use as I wrote it...:wink:. It is simple and lightweight, and only does TTS.

You can also try Echo Speaks, which has much more functionality, but is also much more of a heavyweight type of app.


Is it Pushover that allows you to send a spoken message through Echo/Alexa? So I have to do is install Pushover for this capability?

No, Pushover only sends push notification messages to your phone or tablet. With the new Hubitat Mobile Phone App, you can use the device it creates on the hub to send push notifications now. Pushover is no longer required for Hubitat to send push notifications.

If you an Amazon Echo Device to perform Text to Speech (TTS), you’ll need one of the two integrations I linked above.

Does your rule as listed above send a message every 25 minutes until the door is closed, or only one message after the door has been left open for 25 minutes?

I would like a rule which sends a message every xx minutes until the door is closed, but not quite sure how to do it.

My example only issues the message once. Search the forum for examples of RM 3.0 repeating actions.

Here's mine.
If its Day or Evening then after 1 hr of the door being left open it sends and speaks a message. This will repeat every hour until the door is closed.
If mode is Night or Away then after 5 minutes it will turn the lights on and send me a message.


Thank you, bobbles!

On your rule, if 3 or 4 doors left open, the variable %device% is the name of the last door open or the name of 3,4 doors left open ?

Good question and I'm afraid I cannot answer that one as I've never tried it and it has never happened.
If it is possible in your situation give it a try or write a rule for each door. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

EDIT. If a single door is open %device% reports the door that is open.

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Unless I'm missing something, this can be done much more easily with a custom monitoring rule in HSM. For example:


This is an old rule that I converted to RM3. 0.
Didn't realise HSM could do this.
Will look into it.
Thanks for the information.

EDIT. Yes this may work. I will need 2 to do what I posted above.