Rule engine or motion lighting

I am new to HE and would like to set up 2 simple automations.

  1. I have installed a Ring motion sensor and through the Unofficial Ring Integration I have this device visible in HE. I have some sengled bulbs which are also in HE. I am using the motion lighting app to trigger the bulbs to turn on when motion is detected.

    . I noticed that for some reason the sunset to sunrise timing is not working. The light turned on this morning after sunrise when motion was detected. Am I doing something wrong here?

  2. I would like to turn on garage bulbs when the door to garage is open. I have Ring contact sensors on the door to garage. I am unable to figure out how to set up a rule such that when the Contact sensor is open: True the light turns on and when the contact sensor is open: False the lights turn off. In future I may also add a motion sensor that would override the contact sensor and delay the turning off till motion is not detected in the garage. Could someone please suggest how to set this up in rule engine? This is what I have currently and I know this is not right

TIA for any help.

Unless you're wanting to use RM for the garage automation to learn how to use it, you're kinda using a table saw to break a piece of balsa wood in half. :wink:

For the garage door open/close>light, use the Simple Automation Rules app.

For the office ligth automation, how close to sunrise were you? Could it have been just on the cusp? I have heard/seen here recently that some folks were having problems w/sunset-sunrise automations.


If sunrise/sunset isn't working, I'd first check Settings > Location and Modes to make sure your location (which Hubitat uses to calculate these times) and time zone are correct. If not, that's a problem you'd have in any app. Your Motion Lighting configuration looks correct to me, so it seems more likely that the problem lies somewhere else.

For your contact-sensor automation, I second the above advice to use Simple Automation Rules instead of RM for the same reasons. :slight_smile: There is also an unofficial way to convert contact sensors into virtual motion sensors you could use in standard "motion" apps like Motion Lighting if you need the more advanced features it provides, but from the rule above (which would need to use conditional actions in the "Actions to Run" to check the current state of the sensor and act accordingly, if you were interested in the fix), it doesn't appear so.

some i have to use rm becuase i want to get alerted and simple auto has no alert capability

in general i try to use the motion, simple autoation and notify apps as much as possible as the overhead is less than rum.. but i have quite a few rules in rm


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For folks who aren't going to "level-up" to use RM, and want alerts & notifications as well as a light toggling on/off via a trigger like a contact sensor, then bptworld's Event Engine app could work for that, and much easier to use than RM.

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Thank you, Sir. The problem is with the sunrise and sunset times that are incorrectly set in HE.

The sunrise and sunset fields are not editable and I have tried hitting that update button without any success. Any workarounds?

Thank you, Dana. It would be nice to use the Device Check Plus, but after installing that app I didn't find a way to trigger the lights using the contact sensors. Could you please guide me a little further with this?

In the mean time, I have set up the basic functionality with the Simple automation rules.

These are calculated based on your location (latitude/longitude; postal code is optional just to help you find this more easily on a map) and time zone. Sunrise and sunset are not editable but should be correct based on the above and are recalculated daily.

DCP is not designed to do this. But if you are looking for an alternative, take a look at Event 42.

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Thanks for straightening out my reference. :slightly_smiling_face: Updated my post, and updated the reference to the final name, Event Engine.

These should be correct but as you see the US ET sunset and sunrise are not accurate. Sunrise and sunset times in New York

For today it was 6:32 am – 7:12 pm

Just as an experiment, try America New York time zone. Also, did you drag the map to your location?

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Thank you. Making both the changes you suggested worked for me.