Rule- Door Lock Not performing task

So, I have been updating rules for a few days and I noticed this rule just does not work as it did before.
Also if the rule is in the wait period and motion becomes active or light turns on, does it start over?
IF Back Door unlocked , only lock if no motion and light is off. Its to prevents it from locking when we are out on the back porch hanging out...

door unlocked

A trigger event cancels the wait. That would be the door unlocking in your case. Conditions used in your rule actions do not have any effect.

It should be noted that your rule effectively checks the state of the sensors, waits 20 minutes, then locks the door if they were inactive (20 minutes ago, not now). Is that what you want? It seems like the other order would be more desirable.

In any case, if a rule -- or any app -- isn't working as you expect, the first thing you should do is enable all logging so you can get an idea of what's going on:

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Would this work? The other worked but I had to go turn the light on then back off, so essentially as you stated, the wait was running and in the wait state, things had changed and break the process.
Changed such as motion becomes active r light come on. I tend to over think these things

Maybe. If not, turn on logs as suggested above to see where the logic breaks down. If the sensors in your zone motion device in your trigger are the same ones you're testing in the actions, you could probably get rid of that given that it wouldn't trigger unless they were already inactive, but that should still technically work.

Well, it looks like the back door lock was having issues with Zwave commands. Replaced batteries and it went completely offline... Did some mesh clean up and a reboot and the rules seems to be working now. :slight_smile:
I am testing other rules and turning on logs to start understanding the break downs.

Under logs, i see everything going on within the hub. IF there a way to break it down to the specific task I'm checking?

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Yes, use the search or filter features, as documented here:

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