Rule doesn't stop repeating

Please help. What the hell have I done wrong? The rule keeps repeating but I can't figure out why. It's basically what others have done and theirs worked.

you need an if statement in your repeat. Once your statement is true, it'll be stuck in repeating.

Next the IF statement inside the repeat (currently you have the repeat nested in the IF)

Repeat every 0:01:00 (stopable)
	IF (Sensor - Contact (Xiaomi) - Fridge open THEN
		Notify Phone...all the things
		Stop Repeating Actions

Alternatively you could be "Exit Rule" in the ELSE

I don't see anything wrong with your rule. I created a test rule that is slightly different in terms of actions but I think structurally identical:


...and it worked as expected (nothing has been logged since the final entry when closed):


Since I see your sensor is a Xiaomi, I have to ask: is it possible it fell off your network and isn't actually sending the "closed" message back to the hub? You can check "Current States" on the device page as you manipulate the device to check--as you may be aware, that should update in real time.

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Thanks. I'll double check the sensors but I'm sure the log recognised the change in state. I'll test again.

Dadarkgtprince, that rule was what some others used and worked for them, so I just copied. If I can't come right, I'll try your alternate way. Thanks.