Rule constraints not working as expected

I know this space is full of rule sets which aren't working, but I'm having the same kind of problems.

Are constraints processed on an "and" basis, or an "or" basis?

I have several rules with keep firing despite the fact that not all constraints are met. For example, this fires every day, even when most of the constraints are false.

Those aren't constraints, those are conditions. Conditions are listed on actions. You have no conditions listed in your actions list so the rule with fire based on the trigger.

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To add some more details, if you want to use the listed conditions, you will need to add an “if” and then add the conditions you defined, each separated by either an “Or” or an “And”.

The rule will still trigger based on what was set as a trigger, but the actions following the “if” condition will only run if they are met.


"manage conditions" is a little confusing at first. It allows you to create and store conditions that can be used later but it does not apply them to any part of the rule.

Required expressions at the beginning of the rule are conditions that must be valid for the rule to process the actions even if the trigger event happens. Those are separate from the conditions listed under "manage conditions" but that many be what you want to create if you just want the trigger to cause the rule to run under specific conditions.


Alright, I'm glad to hear there is a good reason for this.

I think I might have found what you mean. Do I need to be entering these as "required expressions"? I tried doing that, as can be seen here.

Does this look correct?

There is also a every 1 day trigger at X time available. Your current trigger should work, but that one would be easier.

I notice the « Manage Thermostat » is there twice - I would recommend removing one of them, just in case… or add an « and » between them otherwise.

Also the >= 58.0 could be changed to > 58 since the rule will change it to 58 anyway…

Otherwise, it looks good!

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Oh, that's the trigger I wanted but couldn't seem to find. I knew it must exist, but didn't know where. Are you referring to the "certain time" trigger?

Anyway, I removed the duplicate as you suggested.

Thank you!

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There’s a trigger called “Periodic Schedule” from which you can select - every Day, Week, Month, etc.

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