Rule 4.0 Track Custom Attribute (similar to Track Dim) Virtual Device to Physical Device

I have been starting the process of creating virtual switches/dimmer for Alexa to integrate with rather than having Alexa directly control my devies. I have many problematic non-Plus GE Z-Wave dimmers and Zigbee bulbs. I am trying to get around the annoying 'device not responding' response I get about 1-2x a day from Alexa (seemingly randomly). So far for my simple dimmers this seems to be working great. I have triggers based on on/off/level changes and have the real dimmer simply track the virtual dimmer.
Now I am trying to move onto my Zigbee lights and am struggling to find a way to pass a custom attribute (like color or color temperature) from the virtual RGBW to the Zigbee RGBW device. I think I could go about setting up basic colors/color temperatures, but would prefer a holistic approach that passes whatever attribute was assigned (eg custom colors/CTs)
Let me know if I am missing something obvious, or maybe even going about this all wrong.

Have tried just using a Hubitat Group for a Zigbee bulb? When you create a Group in the 'Groups and Scenes' app, a virtual device with the name of the Group is created. You can then try passing this to Alexa instead of the individual bulbs to see if it helps. This also allows you to utilize Zigbee Group Messaging which helps to minimize the "popcorn effect".

That is what I am doing currently with the group lights, I'll double check whether or not I am using ZGM, but I think I am since the lights all are controlled uniformly. I still get a device not responding from this group on occasion, I am not sure why...
(1st edit) Also, Whatever I request is carried out even when Alexa chimes back with "deck lights not responding"
(2nd edit) I am using Zigbee group messaging, I am not sure what is giving me the unresponsive errors, since as you said this is already effectively a Virtual Device.
(3rd edit) I have noticed that the deck lights group I am planning to work on is still a group-2.0, would it be worth trying to update to 2.1 and seeing if it helps in any way?

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