RTSP Video - What software to use to allow connection over unauthenticated http for dashboard

As the title states. Connection to my cameras (behind an NVR) uses RTSP and is authenticated. As I can't get RTSP streams to display on my dashboard (SharpTools) I have to use something in between to connect to the RTSP stream that also provides a mjpeg stream over http (unauthenticated as user:password is not supported).

I'm currently using motioneye for this on my Pi 4 but it's not great. It's ok viewing a low res sub stream but I'm seeing issues with compression artefacts when I set the sub stream of the camera to 720P (to provide an acceptable image on my dashboard)

So I'm wondering if there's anything else I can use? It must work on a Pi (no recommendations for Blue Iris) and I only need it for one camera. I have previously attempted to use VLC but it always stopped streaming with an error after sometime, so thats a no go. My front door camera is permanently displayed on 4 tablet dashboards, but all other cameras are just viewed using a tile that opens the Hikvision Hik-Connect app via its intent url. Any suggestions appreciated.

The Joe Page dashboard takes both rtsp and mjpeg and whatever exoplayer is.

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I forgot to say I had previously been using Joes app. Over the last year or two I've been back and forth between the two dashboard apps. I'll be a few versions behind now, but RTSP video was a bit temperamental when I was using it. There was an issue that I and a few others had, where the RTSP video tile would freeze. Tapping the tile to make it go full screen would show a live image but then closing that went back to a frozen image again and the app needed to be restarted each time to resolve it. To get around it I was using the same mjpeg stream from motioneye that I'm using now with SharpTools.

I'll maybe have another go with Joes app. I'm very much torn between Hubitat Dashboard and SharpTools. SharpTools is my preference at the moment because of the ability to have custom tiles, super tiles, have the text one common size (I don't like the auto fit in Hubitat Dashboard) and also I prefer the icon range. Hubitat Dashboard wins with it being completely local and having instant device response, device history in tiles etc.

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