Routine to notify temperature to my speaker

Hello friends,

I have the following doubt about how to do this in the Rule Machine.

I have a motion sensor in the room and I want it to send a voice notification to my speaker when it is activated to say the temperature and humidity.

This routine has to be activated every time the motion sensor is activated.

I spent like an hour trying and nothing.

Stay tuned to your comments.


Off the cuff, you'll need to create two local variables in the Rule. Call them 'temp' and 'hum'.

Trigger: Motion active
Set 'temp' to 'sensor temp reading'
Set 'hum' to 'sensor humidity reading'
Speak on speaker: "Current temperature is %temp% and current humidity is %hum%"

Something along those lines.


I'll have to document myself a little more with this, because I'm a little lost.

See if this helps. This rule keeps track of the temperature and when it changes announces the new temperature and the trend in my study, if I'm in there (the lights are on.) You can adapt the approach for your use. I have a temperature/humidity sensor in the backyard in a solar radiation shield that I use for hyperlocal weather conditions.

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That, unfortunately, won't work here since they are wanting to use the motion sensor as the trigger. In that case, the %value% variable would be active/inactive.

This should work. You need to create the 'humVar' and 'tempVar' local variables.

To set the variable to the current sensor readings, you can follow these selections.

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I did get that they wanted the motion sensor as the trigger. I was hoping that they could figure that part out though. Nice job.


Hello, thanks for your spare parts, I'll try this later since I'm installing Hubitat in a huge house and that has kept me busy.

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