Rounding off a contact sensor temperature

I have several Iris contact sensors that report temperature. They work ok but the temperature is out to 2 decimal points ie: 75.03. I didn't want that showing on my dashboards. I wanted to round the reading to the nearest degree.

I wrote a rule
Took value of sensor (Inside), assigned to local variable (RawTemp) then rounded the variable and reset it to the rounded number. Then set the value of a virtual temperature sensor (MBR Temp) to RawTemp.

This works, but I was wondering if there is a better way to do this.
Thanks from a noob


I'm still a noob...but this is similar to what I did with a WebCore pistion.

Not complaining because it works and as a noob I happy I was able to figure out how to do it. Just wondered if there is a more "elegant" way to do it that I might be overlooking.

I believe you are using a built in driver.
If you wanted to pursue it you could tag bcopeland and/or Mike.Maxwell and ask them to add a preference with the number of decimal digits.

I agree displaying the contact sensor temperature to any number of decimal places is useless. Should be 75 without a decimal point.

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