Rotate Bulb Colors Automatically

Hello, I have a single bulb (hue) on my front porch and would like to automatically rotate colors between red and green for Christmas. I’ve installed Event Engine and Lighting Effects apps but am confused on how to actually accomplish my task with those apps.
I’ve tried searching the community but cannot find any tutorials or guides.

Any help would be great.

I just did this with a trio of Sengled bulbs and Rule Machine 5. The HE driver has a option to fade between colors using a transition time of up to 5 seconds. So, when I change from red to green, there is a 5 second fade (mostly to yellow). I have another outdoor set of lights on a smart plug that I use as the trigger for my outdoor lights. When the plug is on, start the color cycle rule. See below and the follow-up for a detailed breakdown...

Line 1: These lights are on an smart switch that is also turned on by a motion sensor. So, step 1 is to pause the two rules that normally control the lights with motion or the physical switch.

Line 2: Turn the smart switch on (powering up the lights), delayed by 5 seconds to make sure that line 1 has a chance to actually pause the rules.

Line 3: Then I wait 30 seconds for the lights to "boot up." Not sure this is necessary, but its working so I'm not going to change it.

Line 4: A simple conditional starts the color cycling. The rule will loop every two minutes as long as the outdoor plug is ON.

Color Cycle Loop: Inside the IF statement, I set the colors to GREEN-RED-GREEN (driver creates a 5 second fade to these colors) and then hold it for 1 minute. I used a local variable for the hold time to make it easier to change. This is followed by an alternate RED-GREEN-RED for another minute. Now that I'm thinking it through, the second "wait" event is probably unneccessary, but as I said, the rule is working.

As noted earlier, this sequence will loop forever as long as my outdoor plug is ON. Once it turns off, the IF statement evaluates as FALSE and the Rule moves on to the last three lines....

First the bulb color is returned to Warm White,
Then (after the 1 minute delay) the switch is turned off
and finally my two original rules are unpaused and allowed to function normally.


Saving this for when I come off webcore, I'll need a colorloop replacement.

Here's one I use with RGBW strip lights, to make a bathroom nightlight randomize between two colors:

Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 00-31-58 ■ Marvin Bathroom floor lights trigger CHANGED (Repeating)

Screenshot 2021-11-30 at 00-37-26 ■ Marvin Bathroom floor lights trigger CHANGED (Repeating)

The "strip trigger" is a virtual switch. "Interval" is set to the repeat period, in seconds; "Level" is the strip brightness.

I've got another version that randomizes 3 colors, and another that just does random colors. I've been thinking about groovyizing this, but haven't gotten a round tuit yet.