Rooms on Android mobile App

Why in my Android(11) mobile App, in my different rooms number of devices differ from the Web version.
Dining room - App list 1 device Web 5 devices
Kitchen - App list 4 device Web 6 devices
office - App list 4 device Web 8 devices

any way to solve this issue

Thank for your help

Currently only switches, dimmers and light bulbs appear on the Devices tab in the Mobile app, but you can add other device types to rooms, they just don't show on the Devices Tab.

That doesn't work really well, If I'm unable to get a web connection via a browser I'm unable to see/check on the status of a device.
Any plans on changing this ?

You can add any device you want to Hubitat Dashboard, which is easily accessible from the app and works over LAN or cloud. Unlike Rooms, it just requires a bit more setup on your part. Rooms is fairly new and I'm sure they'll expand it in the future; for now, this is probably the next-best option--and until recently, the only (built-in) option. :slight_smile:


Thank you for that info