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thanks @BorrisTheCat


speaker device = capability.audioNotification
speech device  = capability.speechSynthesis
media device   = capability.musicPlayer


wondering what folks think of the following feature?

vacation mode where rooms occupancy state is replayed with some randomization from same day last week.

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EDIT: should have selected show who voted checkbox … otherwise its out of context. :slight_smile:

if you voted ehh mind sharing why you are ehh on the vacation mode feature?

thank you.



How would i set vacant occupancy by pressing a button in Rules Machine (outside of Rooms Manager). I have a set of events that are triggered in RM, and i'd rather do everythign there.

Also, I'd still like it in the Maintain Rules section for a trigger for the rule to be if a switch is on/off. You previously asked for my usage scenario.........I want the room to turn certain lights on if engaged (if a TV is on) and other lights (rules) if the room is engaged but TV is off.

Moreover, that issue i had with rules not triggering after midnight was probably caused by my hub having a DB corruption, which support tells me has now been fixed. I'm not at home for a few days to check, but i suspect its all good now.


Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices
Leviton z-wave plus dimmers - firmware update may needed to work with generic smart driver

not sure what you mean by pressing a button in rules machine. you are not physically pushing the button … there is a rule that generates a button press?

there is no distinction between engaged state when engaged with power vs when engaged with contacts. I could expose power in the rules to support this but currently no way. sorry.

glad to hear your DB got fixed. :slight_smile:


Let me rephrase the question. How would i change the status of a room by pressing a button? I want to press a physical button and change the status of all my rooms to night. I can't seem to find how to do it on rule machine. Rule machine allows for on/off only.


do you mean asleep? if yes please set that button as the asleep button in asleep settings for those rooms.


Yes, but I want to do it from Rules machine, as I have a whole stack of other things going on. How do change occupancy of a room from a rule within Rules machine.


both webcore and rules machine should see the room device as a push button device and allow pushing button 8 which corresponds to the asleep state.


Ahh, thanks. Perfect.


added support for both power value check and check for switches on and off for matching rules to execute. so if you want to set room lights to a certain setting when TV switch is on and to another setting when TV switch is off you will be able to do that thru rules.

will be in next release.


Thanks so much. Perfect.



@bangali - Is it possible to use a button to temporarily bypass AL Color Temperature settings during Engaged? And resume AL settings when Vacant? (ie: press a button to set lights to 4000K and 100%)


use a button to set the room to locked state? since rooms will not process any rules in locked state … use WATO to set the light to 4000K and 100% when room changes to locked?


Eagerly awaiting the update, any news bangali?


think its ready to go. but been distracted because its festival week for us bengalis … so copious amounts of liquid sampling every evening … hasnt left time for much else :slight_smile:

hoping to release this weekend. sorry.


@mike.maxwell do you know if this was fixed in the latest release?


Do I know if what was fixed?


The SONOS driver

As well as the previous firmware was supposed to allow speak text and restore. But this ended up only being done in the background and was going to be implemented in the driver on the next firmware


capability.audioNotification includes many separate commands, most of which aren't implemented within the sonos driver currently, that is the reason they're still missing from the driver.