Rooms and Floors?

Would it be useful to have some container for Rooms; like Floors for example, Upstairs, Downstairs? I'm not sure. What do you think?


I watched the Home Assistant Release YT video on Everything Smart Home, which included almost exactly this, and it seems like a good idea to me. I did also like the categories and labels for automations and devices, but that's another topic :slight_smile:

I have setup something like this for my lights as Groups using Room Lighting, though more along the lines of areas, than floors in some cases, i.e. upstairs lights, downstairs (garage mostly), plus upstairs is broken down again into living and bedrooms. Like the comments in the YT clip, it can make automations a little easier to construct, both in terms of the number of "devices" needing to be referenced, but it also means adding new devices does not necessarily require updating each automation if the behaviour will be the same as other members of the group. Admittedly this is not strictly a feature of the requested floors concept, the groups, like I have set them up, already provide this convenience. But it would introduce users to this concept through a built-in feature, which would be nice.

From my work with Mitsubishi thermostats, I'd also add that they include similar concepts, at least in the US and EU. So the concept would align to some other platforms most likely.


There is a lot that rooms could be doing for us users - I struggle with implementation of anything room related - its' currently more decorative then functional - I create room images based on snips of floor plans to create a layout for Tile builder but other than that... not sure what value rooms might provide down the road until HE decides to expand on it. For now, your idea is a good one I think.

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