Roomie Remote / Simple Control / Hubitat / Homebridge

This is probably a big foxhole I am digging but I am curious how hard it would be to develop a Hubitat to Simple Control / Roomie Remote interface whereby commands can be executed via Hubitat (well actually ultimately via Homebridge) to launch media events such as turning a TV on and off via IR or launching other media events programmed into Roomie Remote / Simple Control.

I found this:

Figured I would start a discussion.


What's the end-goal?

Can things be integrated. Probably. To what extent and to what purpose is the question.

My end goal would be 1) to have Homekit Tiles turn on and off the televisions via Homebridge which I already have running (which I love by the way), and 2) trigger ON and OFF for the TVs via automation routines through Hubitat. All 3 televisions are current Samsungs (2018 or newer). Still working out WOL on those Samsungs as they like to go into deep sleep. So I am controlling them with IR via Roomie Remote which has the benefit of discrete ON and OFF commands.

Seems like Homebridge is the part that is currently able to control the TV? So you would need a way for HE to send a command to Homebridge. HTTP connector would seem the easiest.

No, Roomie Remote is currently the only way I can control the TV. I was going to use Hubitat to control Roomie Remote and Homebridge to control Hubitat.

Unless I use Hubitat to blast the Global Cache IR blasters directly. Somehow.

Depends on which model you have... If you have an iTach IP2IR... look HERE or HERE

O wow... thank you! I’ll check this out!

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