Room Lights v. Button Controller

As I dive into this, I'm wondering which is the better way to do a few things.

Room with two lamps on plugin dimmers and one 5-button Lutron Pico.
I currently have used Button Controller to set actions on several of the buttons on the Pico to be able to control both lights from the Pico. For example: Button 1 will turn on Light A when pressed or Light B when double tapped. Button 3 will turn both on to Full when pressed and both to Half when double tapped. Button 5 turns All Off when pressed.

Or, should I be doing this in Room Lights, creating different "scenes" and assigning their actions via buttons there?

My initial inclination is that if you are only controlling the lights via your Lutron Pico, then Button Controller will likely give you a simpler list of options to maintain. If you want to get more "fancy" in almost any way, including by controlling the lights differently during different modes, triggering them differently using devices like motion or contact sensors, then Room Lighting is likely the more appropriate option,

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