Room Lighting

I am having some issues with room lighting.
Here is the setup:

Are the conditions OR conditions, or AND conditions?
Heater comes on even when the temp is high, and does not shut off correctly.
Am I missing something?

You need to look at, and post screenshot of the logs produced by the app. Those will explain what is happening.

Is it the Triggers (a/k/a "Means") you're inquiring about? In that case, OR.

Note that you also have overlapping rules as to what RL should do in the event Temperature is exactly 19 degrees, since <= and >= overlap there. (I would suggest adding a version of this, using <, under "Means to Activate".)

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I think they have a valid question for point of clarity. Under "Means to Turn Off"...are they processed as an "AND" or as an "OR"? I presume the latter.

In that specific setup, is it:
Turn off when time is 15:00 AND temp >=19

  • OR is it -

Turn off when time is 15:00 OR temp >= 19

Those are all independent Means to Activate: OR.


Unless I'm reading this wrong, you are preventing the heater from turning on if the temp is below 19. I'm thinking you want that the other way around. You also have the turn on and turn off temps overlapping. At 19°, both will be true.

Means to Activate:
	When time is 0645
Limit Activation: 
	Activate only on certain days = M-F
	Office temp is >=19
Means to turn off:
	Time is 1500
	Office temp is >=19

EDIT: I did have a misread and updated this reply to reflect the correction.

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I find the wording a bit confusing. Especially when using Temp as a variable.
Limit activation - meaning do not activate? - when temp is >19?

For logs, I get easily confused as well.
I assume that the only time I will see the log is at the trigger time (0645), and then a limited time thereafter?

Correct. Maybe it's better to think of it as "restrict activation if these conditions are met".

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Gee, the UI is really hard to comprehend: :sunglasses:

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To be fair, I think I see where this can get confusing. I presume OP is using the "custom attribute" option for limiting based on temp. The custom attribute option isn't as clear. The UI blatantly tells me what it's going to do with the day option, but it doesn't blatantly tell me what it's going to do with the custom attribute.


Exactly what I am seeing/saying.

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Right, but, back to Bruce's point, that's where reading the logs really comes in handy. It also highlights how hard it is to strike a balance between functionality and ease of use. Looking through the options, "day of week" is the only one I see with a positive comparison (only run when this thing is true). Everything else is a negative (only run when this thing is false). If you switched it around, then you would have to tick the days you don't want the RL to activate. That would be equally counterintuitive to people as the option being an outlier.

There's no right way to implement this stuff.

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This is one of those threads where I just have to scratch my head, and say "really?"

In less time than it takes to post here, do these steps:

Create two or three virtual devices: an RGBW bulb, an Omni sensor, and maybe a switch.

Create a Room Lights using the bulb for the activated device, and plug in the Omni sensor into what ever feature you are in doubt about. Maybe use the switch to activate it, or even an attribute of the Omni sensor. Then look at the logs. They will tell you exactly what happened. Mystery solved once and for all.

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Okay. If this should be as simple as I am hearing it is supposed to be, looking at my original setup, should the rule be working correctly (is it set up correctly)?

Syntax wise, is everything correct?

No. I updated my post above:

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