Room lighting unreliable with 30+ CT lights

I have about 75 ZigBee devices. Lots of CT and RGBW lights.

I have pretty serious reliability issues, particularly with room lighting. There are about 5 lights in my setup that often don't turn on or off reliably, whilst the other 20 or so always work. Frustratingly if I go to the device page for a light it will work fine, just not under automation, or during the network load of a mode/scene change.

The automation changes the devices state on the device page, but the device itself doesn't react. Hitting refresh trues up the state, or hitting on or off.

Do I have too many devices? Are CT drivers still buggy? I'm using the Advanced CT driver and Advanced RGBW built in drivers, others I've tried made little difference.

Nobody? :confused:

What model/make are these Zigbee lights?

Some CT or RGB+CT bulbs can be very spammy during the level transition. Some bulbs may send 100 messages for 1 second when changing the level from 1 to 100... This affects not only Zigbee but also some newer Matter bulbs - there are complaints in another forum that during the level transition, some Matter bulbs may totally block the Hub (non-HE) for a few seconds.

I don't know how Philips Hue makes it, but their bridge handles such scenarios in a much better way than any other hub, So my advise will be to get a Hue bridge and move all the Zigbee bulbs there. Use the HE hub for all other devices and all automations. At least, this is my setup (I have about 19 Zigbee bulbs) and the Hue bridge has been rock solid for years now.

Have you tried Zigbee Group Messaging for these? Room Lights can do that... This would greatly reduce the Zigbee traffic associated with controlling these bulbs.


Will that work for my setup where I activate different lights in different modes?

They are Mercator Ikuu lights, mostly, and all the ones that are unreliable are. They are Tuya based. I've bought one of their hubs to see if there was a firmware update for them, but it seems not.

It does seem to be an issue with the lights or the driver.

I'm in Australia so my options are relatively limited.

Is the Tuya Zigbee hub also a Matter Bridge? Some of these ?

AU$43.31 (AliExpress link)

Please post the Tuya ZIgbee bulb device and manufacturer data, as seen when paired to the HE hub at the bottom of the device web page, 'Device Details' section.


Yes, as long as every bulb is activated to the same level/temperature...

I have the same experience with aeotec zwave nano light switch’s, about 20 work and 10 sometime work but every time I go into the device and manually turn it on/off it responds as expected event if I do this just after the device fails. I believe a check needs to be built into room lighting app to see if the desired state has been reached, if not try up to three times the write error to log.
Most large device environments will never be perfect and need some help with not reaching desired state on first and only attempt

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Its this hub - Zigbee Home Hub | Ikuü (

No mention of matter when paired to Tuya.

Details of one of the CT lights thats particularly troublesome:

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 52
  • firmwareMT: 1002-1602-00000052
  • manufacturer: _TZ3000_6dwfra5l
  • model: TS0502B
  • softwareBuild: 00000052

I've just spent a few hours replicating the functionality in Webcore and its pretty much the same as Room Lighting, frequently not activating several of my lights.

Unfortunately, most of the Tuya devices do not have a standard implementation of ZCL Groups commands, so HE Zigbee Group Messaging will not work for these.

I've been playing around with replicating the functionality in Webcore and adding some command delay to the processing, and with 50ms delay the light take about 10 seconds to all do their thing, but they do it every time. I think I'll work on optimising the delay and order and deal with that.

Is there any option in Room Lighting to tune the delay to prevent overload?