Room lighting - turn on/off when illuminance reach a certain level



  • RGB light switch: Living Light
  • Motion Sensor: Living Hue motion sensor
  • Button: Living Remote

My requirements are:

  1. Turn on when:
  • movement is detected (including zone motion trigger movement) AND illuminance is less than a certain level
  • OR when button is pressed
  1. Turn off when:
  • movement is no longer detected
  • OR when the illuminance is rising above a certain level
  • OR when button is pressed

Is this the correct Room lighting conditions?

As I found it wasn't working well, there are times the light does not switch itself off - unless I'm dreaming...

Thank you

The rule says to not turn off when it is dark, so...

Thanks for your reply.
I have removed this condition now - do you think this should work now?

Seems not working, the light doesn't turn off when no more movement is detected, because the illuminance condition doesn't met to turn off the light.

I suspect my requirements cannot be achieve with a single RL?

Dev399 is the hue motion sensor
App1631 is the room lighting

Could someone please shed some lights here? Thanks

Illuminance is not a condition, it is a Means to Turn Off. The only event that the app saw was Illuminance of 0, which is not meant to turn off the lights. Your logs do not show any motion inactive event happening.

Thanks for your reply

Are you saying that, for some reason the hue motion sensor didn't report "inactive motion" during this time, thus the light still on?

And if the hue motion sensor detect "inactive motion", it should switch it off?

Correct. Based on the logs you showed, there was no motion inactive event, only luminance event if illuminance 0. That's what turned the lights on -- nothing to turn them off.

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