Room Lighting Transition questions

I think I verified this issue was fixed a few releases ago, but I'm running into the same thing again on Triggering "Turn Off" doesn't seem to be cancelling the turn-on transition.

A couple other things about transitions:

  • It appears that the target bulb's level and saturation get transitioned, but the hue only gets set at the very end in the final state. Is that expected?
  • When I make an RL instance a Transition, like this: expectation was that it would transition from the first table to the second; that is, set the first table, then start the transition. However, it actually seems to transition from the current state to the second, ignoring the first table. I can work with either one, but I'm confused what the first table is for, in that case.
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Please show the main RL page.

(On this test, I'm just using the on-page Activate and Turn Off buttons so far.)

@bravenel, I'm just checking to see if that screenshot had what you wanted to see.

@bravenel, found another transition-related issue (surprise?) in

When I configure an activation transition, like so:

Devices in the list that are Dimmers or CT which are selected not to activate do still turn on when the transition fires:

(If I change the type to Switch, they properly don't get activated, so there's a workaround.)

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