Room Lighting - Shades

I can't seem to get my head around how to configure Room Lighting for shades. Basically, I have three shades that I want to group together but I want to manipulate closing of the blinds through the activator but also through the individual shades using a dashboard. Does anyone have the settings in Room Lighting for that?

What are you hoping to do? If you add the Activator Device to the dashboard, it basically provides group control of the shades. Adding the individual devices would allow for individual control. Are you trying to setup some automation or just group control?

I was hoping that if I open (or close) any of the blinds, that the activator would at least indicate that state on the dashboard. Also, was trying to set up levels within the blinds -- rather than 100% open.

That's not the role of the activator device. It's most basic function is to serve as a way to turn on and off your Room Lighting instance with the same command being given to all devices.

As for levels, make sure that Activate Device picked the right type in devices. It should be Room Lighting Activate Shade (or something similar).

Thank you so much for your quick responses. I do have the Activator set up as a Shade Activator. (Showing a pic of my settings and also my dashboard). For some reason I can't get the shades to go to the 50% setting. and when I close all the shades, it initial shows closed, but then goes back to open.

Go to the Activate device in the Devices tab. What is the level showing? My guess is that it is showing 100%, which is why it only opens to 100 and does not go to 50. You would need to send a command of setLevel 50 to the activator device in order to get the group to go to 50.

How are you closing the shades? They should close when you turn off/close the Activator device.

I'm a little confused. Under the Activation Setting for the pic I sent, it shows position as 50, but open/close go only at 0 or 100. The two top shades will close when I click on the "All" blinds, but the All button will go "close" for a second and then pop back up to "open" -- I have to hit the close button again to rectify the issue

The number in parentheses is the current setting. The other number (50 in this case) is the setting you programmed in as the desired setting when activated.

So..., when opening, shouldn't it go to the 50% setting or is there somewhere else I have to specific to go to the programmed setting?

Right, but that's not the place I'm asking you to post. Under devices, there should be a device titled (Shades - Bathroom). I need you to post that picture. My guess is that you activator device is set to 100, which is why it opens to 100.

I would sure think so, but that may depend on the shade's own capabilities and/or the driver. I only ever have my shades full open or full closed, so I unfortunately don't have any experience with setting intermediate levels.

This is one of the devices -- the second picture is the activator page.

I can specify my shades to go to certain levels. Thanks for your help...

The second picture (the activator page) is the key as the level is currently set at 100. What happens to your shades if you set it to 50? It should put all your shades to 50.

The key thing to remember is the activator device will set all of your other devices to its settings when turned on and off. It will only match the device table if the activator device has the exact same settings. If you would rather use the device table, you would need to create a virtual switch that can be used to turn on and off Room Lighting and send that to your dashboard for control.

I have changed it to 50%, but it changes back to 100% the next time it activates. If I use a virtual switch, would that be a virtual shade or a virtual switch. That would only show open/close or on/off -- correct? Might just have to go that route...

If you want to keep troubleshooting the activator device, post the logs as that is strange. Generally, the command is kept on the activator device even after turning it off. If you set the level to 50, then turn it off, on the device page it should show as level 50 with it being off. If it's not, there is something else going on.

If you wanted to just bypass the activator device altogether, then a virtual switch (on/off) would definitely work. I'm not 100% confident about a virtual shade, though, it should work too.