Room Lighting setting multiple levels on activation for one light?

I have a room lighting scheme that has been working fine for ages but recently I noticed that my mode changes weren't always working and upon digging, it seems under certain modes it is activating one of my lights twice, once with the proper level, then again with the wrong level. This is causing my indicator to not be set and then mode changes not to happen.

Here is a log snippet. I'm not sure why it's activating a second time at a different level? How can I troubleshoot?

I manually set the mode back to Late Night and activated and this time, no light level setting was logged, let alone duplicates..

Go to the device in question under the devices tab and click on the events section. That would be the area where you can see what rule, app, etc... requested the 30% and 40% level. You might have a conflict somewhere that the events tab would help to identify.

That was my thought as well but I didn't find it very informative. The weird thing too is I took this screen shot last night, and I went back this morning to the events to dig in a bit more and these events are now missing. There are events from the days before, and about 2 hours later, but these are now mysteriously gone.

Very strange. Do you have a mode and/or Room Lighting instance that sets the Office Desk Light to 40%? Only thing that jumps out is if there was a conflict between two different instances that happened to both be on at the same time. Either that or Alexa could be acting up.

What does "Office Game Lights" have for triggers and settings? I see that was active when the event occurred in your log screen shot.

Yeah I saw that too, It shouldn't have been active and it's only trigger is the activator device which I have to manually activate via Alexa or Hubitat directly. The triggering event for the Office Lights scheme in question is the light switch in the room - which is definitely not a trigger for the game lights. Also "Office Game Lights" sets that particular light to 70% so it seems unlikely to be the culprit.

The only room light scheme that activates that light for both 30% and 40% is this Office Lights scheme, but they are for different Lighting Periods (and no, the period didn't change during those 300ms) :slight_smile:

Can you post the full Room Lighting instance with your time periods? If that is the only location, there might be something up that's being missed.

The reason I brought that up is that having the same actual light in multiple Room Lighting instances causes problem when multiple instances try to activate at the same time. I had similar crazy issues until I started forcing one to deactivate when another was active. Not saying it is "the" cause. But, if the other instance was active, you now have competing commands for the same light, which can cause weird glitches.

In my case, I have outside lights that trigger on motion. I have one instance where I want all the lights to come on. Then another instance where all but the back floodlight to come on. I used a virtual switch that enables one and disables the other and vice versa. In my case, when we are in the hot tub, we do not need the floodlight coming on in our faces when motion is detected.

Two Instances side by side with activation based on the same virtual switch

It's a biggie, this is by far my most complex room (where I spend ~60 hrs per week between work and personal time)

When this happened the mode would have been "Late Night" and it should have transitioned to "Early Morning" but since it ended up activating at 40% instead of 30%, the indicator wasn't on and therefore it didn't transition when the mode changed to Early Morning.

I've done nearly this exact same thing in my backyard. I have a virtual switch to disable the floodlights when we are just hanging out, but keeps the "nice" lights on.

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It won't necessarily solve the double level command that was received, but if you removed the "Indicator for Scene Set" from the other activations, it would still allow for adjustments on Mode changes even if a light is in the wrong setting.

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You may want to try the same thing with limiting the other scenes that involve the same light. The same light shouldn't be controlled by more than one scene at a time. The fact that one scene was already active when that one tries to activate could very well have caused a conflict (whether or not your switch to activate the game lights scene was on)

The other thing to maybe look at that happened to me, some of my modes overlapped by a minute. I was having issues with my hall lights caused by motion detected at exactly 8 PM. That coincided with my transition times where my "time between" conditions had a gap of exactly one minute where neither condition applied.

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