Room Lighting scene indicator stopped working

I've had this room lighting scheme for a couple of years now and recently the scene indicator stopped working. I have it set to "all set per table" as I need this to recognize when it's active and vary throughout the day, which used to work great aside from occasionally my hue bulbs would report a slightly different color temp and throw it off. However, as of a day or two ago, perhaps when I took the most recent hub update it no longer works. I've rebooted, toggled the indicator, activated and deactivated a number of times and I can no longer get it to show as active. I also tried "If all are on" and that isn't triggering it either. Only "if any are on" is setting the indicator right now.

Here is an example of the current settings where it should be active:

Definitely seems to be a bug as I created a new one, albeit without all the complexity, but just captured the existing lights and it's showing active - see side by side.

It briefly started working this afternoon (showing active). After playing with it a bit, now if I open the app and hit "Activate" it switches to "Active" status, but if I hit "done with room lights" and go back to apps, it shows as not active. Only thing that happens in the log is the following.

What is your setting for this option?

Any time the app "initializes" it loses the indicator. Whether I hit "Done" or "Update" it loses the indicator. If I hit "Activate" it gains the indicator and as long as I navigate away without hitting those buttons, it keeps it (for now).

All Set Per Table, hence my comparison shots.

So this morning, a rule fired turning another room light scene on with some of the lights in my office properly turning on. A portion of those lights are also in this misbehaving "Office Lights Work" room light app, and that somehow caused the scene indicator to be activated on this room light app.

This is similar but opposite problem - this time instead of the scene indicator not properly reflecting active when everything is set per table, it IS reflecting active when a few of the lights were set per table but many are not.

Seems like there is a significant issue with the scene indicator set per table. Would love some Hubitat eyes on this as it's causing fits with my long successfully running room lights.

Here are the logs showing the other app firing and turning on a subset of the office lights (by design), ultimately ending in the Work Lights app registering "Active". Note there are no other Work Lights app log entries this morning, this is the only thing that happened.

I am seeing the same thing. If I activate the scene using the activator switch, it shows as active. However, if I turn an included light off and then back on, the scene does not show as active--which I believe it should. (Yes, I have refreshed the page.) As below, all of the devices in the table match their scene settings, but the scene is not shown as active:

The indicator is set to "only if all set per table." However, it also happens if it's set to "if all are on."

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@eelton, if you go into the app when it is active and simply hit the "Done with Room Lights" button at the bottom and go back to the app list, does your's show as no longer active as well?

Yes, that is the case--hitting done causes the scene to turn inactive, even though no light has been changed.

I only tried using Room Lighting for scenes today because I started having flakiness with scenes not showing as on when they should with the older Groups and Scenes app. So maybe it's a more global problem?

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Maybe we can get some Hubitat dev love now that it seems like a clear bug, not just one person's quirk :wink:

I've also been testing a number of my room lighting apps this morning and running into more instances of scene indicator sporadically being set or unset when it shouldn't be. It seems like something with room lighting scenes recently broke. It is causing me fits across a number of apps now that depend on that indicator. :frowning: